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Name:Captain Jack Sparrow
Location:Somewhere in the Caribbean

Name: Born Jack Teague, now goes by Jack Sparrow.
Date of Birth: Sometime in the late 17th-century
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Piracy. Formally under the employment of the East India Trading Company
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean


Jack was born and raised in the West Indies, from where his father was a pirate captain and his mother an Indian maiden. When he grew up, he first joined and worked for the East Indian Trading Company under Cutler Beckett. During a transportation of cargo from Africa, Jack discovered that he was carrying slaves and disagreed. Because of his refusal to obey orders, Beckett had him branded a pirate, and torched and sunk his ship the Wicked Wench. Deciding that he rather liked a life of piracy, Jack cut a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Wicked Wench from the depths and allow him to captain her for the next thirteen years. Due to her blackened state, he re-christened her the Black Pearl and set off on a quest to find the hidden Aztec treasure of Cortez. During this voyage, he was viciously mutinied upon by his first mate, Hector Barbossa, and left to die on an island. It later became quite the myth as to how Jack escaped -- twice.

He has also had many adventures that have led him to befriend Tia Dalma (also known as the sea goddess Calypso), become acquaintances with William “Bootstrap Bill” Turner and Joshamee Gibbs, acquire one of the nine pieces of eight that made him officially a pirate lord, woo and anger two of the whores in Tortuga, and if stories be true, sacked the port of Nassau without firing a shot and took down a ship caring nothing but rum to quench his thirst. He also owes quite a lot of people money.


Above all, Jack is a trickster and uses as many confusing and convoluted methods as he can to mislead people. He is not that apt at fighting, instead preferring to talk his way out of situations than cross blades, and if that doesn’t work he relies on the honoured pirate tradition of running away. Though he can be generally self-serving and selfish, some would argue that Jack is in fact a good man. He, himself, disputes this. As a pirate, he is morally ambiguous but he does have some innate sense of honour or a personal code as witness in the fact that on the list of his many crimes against the crown, rape and murder are not present. Despite the fact he will give up people to help himself, when the times comes to it he can be shown to be a brave man and do the right thing.

He loves good company and good rum, but his first and truest love is the sea. Jack values his freedom above all else and will do what he can to protect that. His ship, his hat, and his other various effects are also quite important to him as well.

Obligatory Disclaimer & Warning: This is an RP and ficlet journal for Jack Sparrow. I am not him nor Johnny Depp, as the former is a fictional character what belongs to Disney and the latter belongs to his beautiful self and family. This journal is more non-profit than the Children's Fund and prefers to outfringe rather than infringe on anything. Also inset notice that there might be some nonsense not acceptable for the kiddies. I have corrupted the mouse. Please to be trying to stop me.

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